The value of being is in consciousness, awareness, feeling the wind, quantum changes, experiences, sensations. I expect art to be a stimulant. It should bring an uneasiness, a question, perhaps a suggestion forward. It may well be stroking a suppressed feeling or an emotion or it may be forcing intellectual involvement; to exercise freedom is in the same category. One should have an opinion on every subject, a critical mind, the courage to formulate one’s own decision, to stray from tradition and heritage and take no value for granted. Perhaps the Big Bang was when God committed suicide.

Born into the ashes of the Europe of the Second World War to a poor peasant woman, I was taught independence and pride early; was always in disagreement with systems, establishments, authority, routines and boredom. There are times of despair and Ausweglosigkeit in one’s life. My beliefs were always that circumstances exist and even luck, but never destiny. Pessimism gave me tools of prevention, realism the strength to jump onto a new ship, nihilism to overcome the isms of a sacred cow. It took a long time to outgrow the need for stability and chthonic settlements and enjoy the enrichments of uncertainty and change. The lessons came from the arts and the changes in beauty and enjoyment. If only politics and states could accept these principles and leave us alone.

There are rainy days and sunny days, sometimes the mountains are crystal clear and sometimes the ocean is fogged in. Moods of darkness and joy, friendliness and hate, shallow ideas and needs of deep philosophy, and yet most of it is in shades of gray. I want to observe and capture a moment, catch your eye and interest to form your own thoughts, no more, no less.